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Sydney Suburbs

Emergency Flood and Wet Carpet Repairs in Auburn

We offer a host of emergency carpet cleaning and steam cleaning services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to homes and businesses in Auburn.

Contact us on 0488 963 678 for our 24 hour emergency carpet repair service or a free quote.

Wet carpet due to torrential rain and storms, burst pipes, flooding and leaking roofs needs immediate attention. We provide wet carpet water extraction and carpet and air drying in your home or office for wet and water damaged carpets, floors, mattresses, sofas and rugs in Auburn. We also offer mould removal and can give new life to your smelly carpet.
storm damage repairs Sydney
We have earned an excellent reputation for providing a fast response and same day service. Early hot water extraction is crucial to prevent mould damage to your cherished carpet and furnishings, so don't delay the process.

For the last ten years we have been helping people recover from water damage. If any of these emergencies happen to you - burst pipes, storm damage, washing machine flooding, dish washer flooding, ceiling leaks, fish tank overflow, bathroom water leaks - we are the professionals for the job. We guarantee fast drying and no mould. Call us now on 0488 963 678.

emergency carpet cleaning Sydney

Click on the suburb for more on carpet cleaning and wet carpet emergency water restoration around Auburn, Sydney.

carpet relaid after mould damage Sydney 2017

Do you need carpet patching? We can size to fit, when patching carpet.
We re-lay and repair carpet after carpet water damage. Our technicians are trained to use their sharp tools and equipment in a safe manner, so no hazards occur.
We are 24/7 Emergency Carpet Repairs. 24/7 Emergency Carpet Water Damage Repairs.. We guarantee you the best quality results.

Do you have holes in your carpet from worn carpet or from a burn mark? Don’t change the carpet, we can repair it to look as new.

Do you have extra carpet and want to re-lay or install in a room in your house or office? We are happy to come and install for you at an affordable cost.

Q: Help I am renting and I burned my carpet with an iron, what do I do?
A: Call Refresh Carpet and book an appointment and we will repair the carpet quickly and cost effectively.

Q: I have pet stains what do I do?
A: Take few photos and you can email it to carpetsydney@gmail.com or SMS to 0488 963 678. And we will reply with solutions.

Q: For Re-stretches, do I have to move the furniture out?
A: For the best job the room needs to be empty. It will save time and money. When anyone puts a new carpet in, it needs to be stretched both ways and the same with re-stretching. That can only be done with the furniture removed.

Q: Will the repair show?
A: This depends on the condition of the carpet and how big the patch is. We do a great job of fitting it.

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